Posicionamento do Pr. Paschoal Piragine Jr Sobre as Eleições 2010

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In Brazil, There’s Life After Lula

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Excerpted from the Canadian newspaper Globe Editorial:

In Brazil, there’s life after Lula

Under President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, Brazil has emerged as a beacon of prosperity and growth in the Americas, and a powerful new player on the global stage.

When Brazilians vote for his replacement in an Oct. 31 runoff election, Dilma Rousseff, his 62-year-old hand-picked successor, is widely expected to win. She will inherit his legacy, but will have to move beyond the Lula personality cult that should carry her to victory.

Brazil’s presidential election


Hitler Se Enfurece Ao Saber Que Lula Escolheu Dilma

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Para se distrair um pouco, como todo brasileiro faz piada com coisa séria: